Jul 08 2013

New Movie, New Experience

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Movies play a crucial part in a persons’ life. It may be used for entertainment or educational purposes, but did you know there are other benefits that you can get from watching movies? Sit back, relax and find out what the benefits of watching movies are. Updated, if you are not really into knowing the outside world or is not socializing in the outside world, then watching a movie will help you be aware of what the society is currently like. Watching a movie in the cinema is the best place to chill with friends or even couples. This allows you to have a little fellowship that forms bonds. If you can’t have the time to go outdoors, then spare your 2 hours to a good movie. Watching a new movie is always a good experience. It is something new, different, exciting and helps you have that adrenaline rush that most of us need once in a while.

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May 13 2013

Benefits of Watching Movies

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There are different benefits that can be taken from watching movies. This has been scientifically proven as more enthusiasts are getting hooked in watching films. It is a good way to spend spare time and bond with friends or family members. It is also a cheap way of entertainment but can be very enjoyable. Movie enthusiasts also have numerous options where to watch their favorite films. They can watch it in cinemas or simply buy a DVD and enjoy it in the comforts of their homes. The internet also offers a wide selection of films that are downloadable with minimal charges. Watching movies is also a good way to learn another language. It is also a good way to familiarize with other cultures and see the background of a specific country. With the numerous benefits that can be taken from watching a good movie, it is no wonder that box office hits are flourishing in the movie industry.

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Apr 29 2013

The Great Gatsby

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the-great-gatsby-leonardo-d__spanAlbeit slated for release this coming May, Baz Luhrmann continues to thrill fans with anticipation for his upcoming masterpiece, The Great Gatsby. An adaptation of the timeless novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, it chronicles the story of Jay Gatsby’s rise to affluence and greatness, and the fragile secret behind it, as seen through the eyes of aspiring stock broker Nick Carraway.

True to Baz Luhrmann’s lavish cinematographic vision and aesthetic, the trailer itself is an explosion of all the 1920′s glitz and glamour, set to a mind-blowing soundtrack comprising of songs from Jay-Z, Will.i.am,Gotye, and Florence and the Machine.

The film‘s buzz single, “Young and Beautiful”, was penned by Lana Del Rey, and promises to be a haunting, soulful hit waiting to happen on the radio.

Fans are hoping Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance as the titular character finally wins an Oscar with this film. It’s been a long, long time coming.

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Jan 29 2013

Star Wars

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away, …

This is probably one of the most successful movie franchises on the face of the planet. Star Wars is the brain child of George Lucas, and has changed the face of sci-fi forever.


This epic saga features a powerhouse cast, imaginative writing, gripping story-telling, and more feels than the universe can hold. Harrison Ford got his break here in his role as Han Solo, and his success paved the way to his next leading man role as Indiana Jones. It has also created iconic characters, and has inspired writers, artists, and fans all over to develop its Universe further. The phrase “may the Force be with you” now stands toe-to-toe with the Vulcan greeting sign. This series now boasts a line of video games, home furnishings, school supplies, costumes, food items, toys, and even a religion. Yep, Jedi is now a legal and accepted religion that can be put on your driver’s license. Just go easy when you use the force on anyone.

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Dec 30 2012

Three Movies That Traumatized Us As Kids

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Most of us recall our favorite cartoons fondly – ah yes, childhood was a sweet thing indeed. The cartoons and movies we watched were tales of good versus evil, where the evil witch/ stepmother/ mastermind is punished, the kind and beautiful princess/leading lady gets together with her Prince/Captain/ General Charming, and the protagonists (whoever they actually are) live happily ever after, the end.

However, a number of movies in our childhood, albeit their stories told very compellingly, have left us with a few sleepless nights and deep, terrible questions haunting our minds. Here are three of those movies, and their traumatizing moments.

1)       Bambi – This is pretty much a shoe-in for such a list. It all starts out happy and cheerful, the sweet, gentle mother, the happy landscape, and Bambi’s fun friends. And just like that, Bambi’s mother is shot by a hunter, and a forest fire threatens our hero and all the members of his community.

2)       Old Yeller – It’s a classic tale of the everlasting bond of friendship between a boy and his dog, out in the wild open prairie  —  until the dog is bitten by a rabid wolf in an effort to save his human family. Old Yeller is penned to observe him for rabies symptoms. Soon, the dog growls and threatens to harm the lad, and with a heavy heart, the father shoots their trusted and loyal canine friend. Arm yourself with a box of tissues when you watch this movie.

3)       The Neverending Story – Might, Magic, and Adventure rule the landscape of this film, made in epic proportions. Atreyu and his loyal steed Artax must journey through the lands of Fantasia to seek an answer that will save their dying Empress. Trudging through The Swamps of Sadness, Artax is soon overcome with hopelessness and woe, and begins to ever so slowly sink into the mire. Atreyu pleads, cajoles and even snarls at the horse to keep moving, but alas, his friend disappears into the bog.

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Nov 29 2012

Indiana Jones, Icon of Manliness

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Indiana Jones is a well-known and well-loved movie franchise. Its name is synonymous with high adventure, historical relics, death-defying stunts, and snappy, crisp dialogue. The franchise has had four box office successes, and has earned its place in the Hollywood Hall of Fame.

The eponymous Dr. Jones himself has become an icon of manliness, and his silhouette is unmistakeable and ever recognizable. Many men want to be him, and don’t hesitate to snap up a brown fedora reminiscent of Indie’s ever hardy hat. All it takes is a dusty brown fedora hat, an adventurer’s jacket, and a bull-whip to get some women a little hot and bothered. (Plus points of you can give them that “Indie stare” from beneath said fedora’s brim.) Lego also made the right move to create a toy line based on Indie’s adventures and the colorful characters he’s worked and clashed with, making Lego a hit with kids and adults alike.

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Oct 24 2012

Toy Story 3

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Arguably the best of the trilogy, Toy Story 3 is the fitting finale to the legendary movies by Director Lee Unkrich. If you are one of the millions around the world who has seen this movie, I am sure you’ve shed a tear or two during the end.  Toy Story 3 centers around Andy leaving for college and letting go of his old toys to donate at a day care. It’s the story about coming of age and the pangs that goes with it. It is funny, clever and retains the warm sense of love and joys of youth.

The box office hit produced by Pixar and released by Walt Disney Pictures was nominated for 5 Academy Awards and won the Best Animated Picture and Original Song. It is also the highest grossing film among the trilogy earning more than 1 Billion USD worldwide. TIME also named Toy Story 3 as the best movie of 2010. 99% of critiques in Rotten Tomato gave it a possible review.

Feb 01 2011

An intelligent blockbuster in Inception

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Inception’s amazing performance in the box office is a great indicator that a “thinking” movie can still rake in lots of money in the box office if it is well made.

The Christopher Nolan-directed movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio raked in $531,000,000 worldwide, which makes it a certified blockbuster. A lot of people watched it more than once, mainly due to the very interesting premise of the movie. Of course, the action sequences, which are quite well executed, were also a big draw to audiences. Inception’s crazy plot actually enticed audiences to check it out instead of the anticipated reaction, which is to shun it because it will prevent audiences from leaving their brains at the door. Kudos to Nolan for making a relatively intelligent movie that did not alienate the audience.

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Jul 05 2010

Box Office Revenues Up Thanks to Eclipse, the Last Airbender and Toy Story

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It’s still very early in July but the box office is getting fatter by the moment thanks to vampires, an avatar, and old toys.

“The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” not surprisingly dominated the box office during its debut weekend for a 3-day run of $68.5 million. Though it did not beat “New Moon’s” record run, it is still more than respectable, especially since it is expected to stay on top for at least a few more weeks.

The number two spot was claimed by “The Last Airbender”, which despite a lot of criticism before it came out, still got a respectable showing of $40.7 million for the weekend. True to the cartoon series or not the special effects was still awesome!

The number three spot in the weekend box office was claimed by “Toy Story 3″, showing just how much people loves Woody and Buzz, earning $30.2 million on its 3rd weekend. The film sure has great drawing power having earned $109 million worth of tickets during their opening weekend, for a total 3-week run of $289 million.

May 31 2010


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の出くわすこのタイプの私達の働きの多数の最も流行するエントリーレベル、学生またはパートタイムの仕事はおよび雇用の仕事およびキャリアである今もの得ることを試みることのあなたのキャリアのインタビューに既にかもしれない。 これはオンラインインタビューである。 ドリルはあなたのローカル大きい箱の電子工学/オフィス装置/ハードウェア/食料雑貨または他の「大きい箱」の小売店のカスタマーサービスの机で尋ねるである。 カスタマーサービスの机自体でまたはウェブサイト自体で適切の(およびプロシージャだけ) 「オンラインインタビュー」に記入するためにである「刺激的な位置およびキャリアに」適用するようにこと言われる。 これらのオンラインか「コンピュータ援用」インタビューがヒバリであると多くの求職者および志願者は、実際に数えないそれ考える。 但しそれは非常に簡単-前年にそれは物理的な人であるかもしれない-ゲートの看守の助手か秘書である。 2008年でそれは自動化されたシステムである。 オンラインアプリケーションの「正しく」書式に記入しなければことを意識すればシステムからすみやかに選別される。
それはすべて多数派工作である。 適用は答えのスコアに従ってファイルされ、自体分類され、そして雇用のインタビューをする店長か人的資源人に電子メールを送られる。 雇用の権限が2つの山を受け取ること最高で。 (あなたがスクリーニングのインタビューでチャンスがほしいと思えばであることを望む山1) 2つを積み、通常見ない。

質問は私が正しい仕事のスクリーニングの選択の山でか」。得るいかにしなさいかそれから「なる 答えは質問の予想にあり、または期待された答え「提供は訂正する「。 ここの2ポイント- 1つ-それは決してある賢くか倫理的な考えではない。 ただ将来調べられる。 第2ここにあなたの最終目的がので仕事を提供される飛石仕事の雇用のスクリーニングのインタビューを得ることであることである。

雇うそれらがまたシステムで訓練されることをまた覚えなければならない。 会社の位置のまわりのマネージャーの転換そして動きは必要とされるに応じて基礎の盛り土に-および頻繁にある。 そのような管理がシステムと「本に「基づいて決定をするように: または「マニュアル」。 これすべてはあなたの好意にすべていかに働くか理解すれば働く。

基本ルールはたいと思うものをそれらに聞き言うことである。 二番目に決してうそを言ってはいけない。 それがあなたの好意になかったらうそを言ってはいけない。 インタビューかこの場合オンラインスクリーニングのインタビューのそれを持って来ないために全力を単に尽くしなさい。 多くの場合質問は望ましい答えで非常に言い、明白である。 多くの場合インタビューを完了するので望まれる技術が頻繁に互いに対立状態であることが分るかもしれない。 それはオンラインインタビューが何人かの異なった人々-異なった技術セットがほしいと思ったすべてによって書かれていたようにある。 ほとんどの可能性でインタビューは委員会-雇った労働者のための全く違う好みを持っていた各メンバーによって完了された。 すべての長い委員会の後で、メンバーにいら立たしい練習の十分があるかもしれ次に試練を一致しには、片付けるために彼らの手を投げた。 それからそれは頻繁に技術的なエンジニアのタイプであるコンピュータ・プログラマーにオンラインインタビューのフォーマットにこれらの矛盾した質問をすべて入れるために去ってしまった。

一例として一連の質問を顧客の共感および常に役立つ顧客の必要性を取扱うことを有するかもしれない。 ここの正解は「顧客必要性、願いおよび好みが優先する」のことである。 会社の方針および規則が優先する常にこと次の一連の質問は会社に治安を維持する対処するかもしれない。

これらの規則はあなた、確かにない顧客によって決してない質問されか、または論じられべきではない。 一連の質問順次に1は-販売によって方向づけられる応答の…成功した販売のトレーナーからあるかもしれない。 すべての「何もの後で販売なしで」起こる。 けれども質問順次にNumber 2対顧客サービスから来るかもしれない。社内規約の実施および施行は、治安を維持し、最終の効果および結果があるプロシージャは優先する。 オンライン形態の質問の何れかへの正解は実際のさしせまったスクリーニングのインタビューのチャンス都合する山第1に得る答えである。

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