Apr 10 2015

“This Is It” at the Top of Friday Box Office

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Dead or alive Michael Jackson sure can rake in real cash. The Friday North American box office top spot was bagged by “This Is It”, Sony’s documentary of the legend. “This Is It” earned a respectable $7.9 million on Friday alone.

Despite the good returns, the film might not hit the expected sales of $40 million within the first five and a half day of its domestic release. Currently it has only earned a total of $19.1 million, which makes it likely to just earn a little over $30 million by Sunday.

Other top box office top films for Friday included “Paranormal Activity”, which earned $6.1 million, and “Law Abiding Citizen” and “Couples Retreat” which tied with earnings at $2.4 million.

“Where the Wild Things Are” placed a respectable fifth with $1.9 million, significantly down from 2 weeks ago at $32.5 million for its opening weekend. Still it has made a pretty good run.

Apr 03 2015

Three Movies That Traumatized Us As Kids

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Most of us recall our favorite cartoons fondly – ah yes, childhood was a sweet thing indeed. The cartoons and movies we watched were tales of good versus evil, where the evil witch/ stepmother/ mastermind is punished, the kind and beautiful princess/leading lady gets together with her Prince/Captain/ General Charming, and the protagonists (whoever they actually are) live happily ever after, the end.

However, a number of movies in our childhood, albeit their stories told very compellingly, have left us with a few sleepless nights and deep, terrible questions haunting our minds. Here are three of those movies, and their traumatizing moments.

1)       Bambi – This is pretty much a shoe-in for such a list. It all starts out happy and cheerful, the sweet, gentle mother, the happy landscape, and Bambi’s fun friends. And just like that, Bambi’s mother is shot by a hunter, and a forest fire threatens our hero and all the members of his community.

2)       Old Yeller – It’s a classic tale of the everlasting bond of friendship between a boy and his dog, out in the wild open prairie  —  until the dog is bitten by a rabid wolf in an effort to save his human family. Old Yeller is penned to observe him for rabies symptoms. Soon, the dog growls and threatens to harm the lad, and with a heavy heart, the father shoots their trusted and loyal canine friend. Arm yourself with a box of tissues when you watch this movie.

3)       The Neverending Story – Might, Magic, and Adventure rule the landscape of this film, made in epic proportions. Atreyu and his loyal steed Artax must journey through the lands of Fantasia to seek an answer that will save their dying Empress. Trudging through The Swamps of Sadness, Artax is soon overcome with hopelessness and woe, and begins to ever so slowly sink into the mire. Atreyu pleads, cajoles and even snarls at the horse to keep moving, but alas, his friend disappears into the bog.

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Mar 27 2015

Box Office Revenues Up Thanks to Eclipse, the Last Airbender and Toy Story

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It’s still very early in July but the box office is getting fatter by the moment thanks to vampires, an avatar, and old toys.

“The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” not surprisingly dominated the box office during its debut weekend for a 3-day run of $68.5 million. Though it did not beat “New Moon’s” record run, it is still more than respectable, especially since it is expected to stay on top for at least a few more weeks.

The number two spot was claimed by “The Last Airbender”, which despite a lot of criticism before it came out, still got a respectable showing of $40.7 million for the weekend. True to the cartoon series or not the special effects was still awesome!

The number three spot in the weekend box office was claimed by “Toy Story 3″, showing just how much people loves Woody and Buzz, earning $30.2 million on its 3rd weekend. The film sure has great drawing power having earned $109 million worth of tickets during their opening weekend, for a total 3-week run of $289 million.

Mar 20 2015

New Moon Rises to Hit Box Office Records

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“The Twilight Saga: New Moon”, the sequel to the vampire-movie mega-hit “Twilight” sure is raking in the dough after making $26.3 million at North American box offices in midnight showings, beating the $22.2 million in midnight screenings made by “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” last July.

Not only that by Friday it beat another record, this time that of the “The Dark Knight” in 2008, when it grossed more than $70 million in single-day domestic ticket sales. “The Dark Knight’s” previous record was $67.2 million.

Now, on its second week, the film continues to break records crossing the $200 million mark after an additional $42.5 million in ticket sales this weekend. This is despite the 70% drop in sales compared to its opening weekend. The drop indicates that it will soon be edged out of the box office top spot. This doesn’t face the movie execs though since they are still raking in sales worldwide and pretty happy that they’ve already exceeded the total gross of 2008’s “Twilight”.

Mar 13 2015

Australian Box Office Enjoying a Very Profitable Year

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As the US box office continues to struggle this year, the Australian cinema box office looks like its going to enjoy another year of good revenue. In fact, with the way several key films have done and are currently raking in ticket sales it is likely that this year’s profit will be a record breaker, exceeding the $907.2 million mark set in 2004. Compared with last year’s earnings, this year’s box office takings are so far 2% higher than that of 2007.

Currently 20 films have already passed the $10 million mark within the year, which in Australia is equivalent to the US$100 million mark in Hollywood. This indicates that this year will indeed a year of blockbusters since the average number of films to hit the mark each year is 22. With several months more to go and a lineup that is sure to keep the Australian box office fat, it won’t be surprising to see more than 22 films hit the mark this year.

Mar 05 2015

Another 3-D Film “How to Train Your Dragon” Boosts Box Office Revenues

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3-D films sure are dominating the box office this year with thirteen of the first 17 box-office weekends claimed by films like “Avatar”, “Alice in Wonderland”, and now, “How to Train Your Dragon”.

“How to Train Your Dragon” is proving pretty hard to slay after claiming the top spot in the box office even if it is already on its fifth week in movie theaters. The drop in earnings is also not really rapid considering that on the 5th week it just dropped by 23% compared to last week, for a total of $15 million on the last weekend, almost $3 million more than the second placer “”The Back-up Plan”. During its 5-week run the animated adventure film has already amassed an estimated $173 million in the North American Box Office alone.

The 3-D film’s successes are being attributed by many to higher ticket prices but still, they wouldn’t be raking in as much dough had it not been for repeat customers and continued interest.

Feb 26 2015

New Movie, New Experience

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Movies play a crucial part in a persons’ life. It may be used for entertainment or educational purposes, but did you know there are other benefits that you can get from watching movies? Sit back, relax and find out what the benefits of watching movies are. Updated, if you are not really into knowing the outside world or is not socializing in the outside world, then watching a movie will help you be aware of what the society is currently like. Watching a movie in the cinema is the best place to chill with friends or even couples. This allows you to have a little fellowship that forms bonds. If you can’t have the time to go outdoors, then spare your 2 hours to a good movie. Watching a new movie is always a good experience. It is something new, different, exciting and helps you have that adrenaline rush that most of us need once in a while.

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Feb 19 2015

2007 Box Office Revenue Up, Ticket Sales Stagnant

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According to LA Times, the box office revenue in North America has gone up even if the actual number of tickets sold remained stagnant.

In 2007, revenue went up by 4% to $9.7 billion but the number of tickets sold stayed at 1.4 billion tickets – the same as 2006 figures. Despite the lack in growth it is still a lot better than the low sales in 2005.

Studios were hoping for a better turn out last year considering the nice sales figure at the start of the year due to films like “300″ and “Wild Hogs”. The summer films also made a good showing but ticket sales began to taper of in the fall. Thankfully, films released in December also made a good showing with some, like “I Am Legend” continuing to dominate the box office even until this month.


Feb 12 2015

Blockbuster May Has Good Debut Weekends

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May sure has been a pretty good month for the box office with big blockbusters debuting every weekend.

Early in the month, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” fired up the spring-summer blockbuster season with $87 million in ticket sales during its opening weekend. A pretty impressive feat considering that the film wasn’t shown in Imax screens, which surely would have further boosted its earnings.

The next weekend it was followed by the sci-fi blockbuster “Star Trek”, which paved new records for Trekkie films at a whopping $72.5 million in ticket sales. This film made more than twice the Start Trek film series record holder did!

“Angels and Demons” then edged “Star Trek” from the top spot earning $48 million on its opening weekend, which was pretty weak compared to the first two films’ debut showings. The real downer though was “Terminator Salvation”, which was expected to smash the weekend box office but was instead beat by the comedy “Night at the Museum”, which earned $53.5 million. Terminator did earn an respectable $43.0 million.

Feb 05 2015

An intelligent blockbuster in Inception

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Inception’s amazing performance in the box office is a great indicator that a “thinking” movie can still rake in lots of money in the box office if it is well made.

The Christopher Nolan-directed movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio raked in $531,000,000 worldwide, which makes it a certified blockbuster. A lot of people watched it more than once, mainly due to the very interesting premise of the movie. Of course, the action sequences, which are quite well executed, were also a big draw to audiences. Inception’s crazy plot actually enticed audiences to check it out instead of the anticipated reaction, which is to shun it because it will prevent audiences from leaving their brains at the door. Kudos to Nolan for making a relatively intelligent movie that did not alienate the audience.

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